students & scholl

The lessons may take place inside or outside the classroom at the teacher’s discretion, and with the consent of the students. The interactive whiteboard, real material (books, newspapers, magazines, objects, toys and games, constructions and household objects etc. ) educational constructions and games are uses according to the needs of the children and the desires results of the analytical programme.


Each student receives differential or personalized teaching if and when required, because the aim of the school is that every student will gain as much knowledge as possible using his full potential.


The class books are used by choice when needed to enhance the learning goals of the class (and each child individually), and there is also the option to use books from a higher to enforce or argue a point.

Differention and individuality is achieved by daily education and support by the teachers in the area of special needs, as the school promotes the idea of equal opportunities for each child.

Implementing direct, steady and substantial cooperation with the parents, teachers and all the supporting team can ensure the best outcome for each child. Using all the modern methods, and in close consultation with different experts to achieve all the set learning targets.

Our school does not advocate the grading system. Instead of grades, the teachers complete three monthly evaluations which usually emphasize, firstly, social and emotional values, and secondly, learning and knowledge.

The parents are encouraged to read these evaluations with the child, discussing everything he has achieved, future goals and if something requires improving.

Communication between teachers and parents happens on a personal level relating to the child’s progress, and in a group when discussing the development of learning and knowledge targets within the classroom based on the analytic programme.


The aim of the school is that through implementing pleasant activities, the child will be educated in the gaining of knowledge, and evolving in the taking on responsibility for himself as a student.


The school’s human resources department has a psychologist, game therapist, specialist children therapist and a mental health advisor for the support of children and parents alike.