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At School every member of the school community feels that communication in any form should always be positive, with personal responsibility and in order to improve. Everyone is proud, not only of the role they play in the school system, but also of their interlocutor, as they all form part of a separate learning framework and a respectful community. Clear goals, roles and processes help ensure that everyone can find a way to do what they do and at the same time evolve themselves.

In the quarterly assessments (parent-centered, based on each student’s particulars), parents read in the relevant electronic text that is sent to them, how often the child exhibits the desired behaviors, while having a complete picture of their cognitive or socio-emotional behavior. Always in the face of any difficulty the school recognizes, it suggests ways to resolve it.

Parents are informed individually, by appointment, 4 times a year by teachers who teach the child.

Whenever there is a need for parents or the school, telephone, email or live communication is provided.


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